6 07 2013

Add question tag at the end of the following sentences !

  1. They want to come, don’t they ?
  2. They won’t be here, will they ?
  3. Cristian is a student, isn’t he ?
  4. He has learned a lot in the last couple of years, hasn’t he ?
  5. He has a car, doesn’t he ?
  6. She’ll help us later, won’t she ?
  7. Nothing is wrong, are they ?
  8. I am invited, aren’t i ?
  9. She cried last night, didn’t she ?
  10. He went to bandung yesterday, didn’t he ?

  1. Those aren’t your books, are they ?
  2. Everyone can’t come, can they ?
  3. Class ends at 11.30, doesn’t it ?
  4. Nobody has told you the secret, has they ?
  5. You haven’t seen that movie, have you ?
  6. We have class tomorrow, haven’t we ?
  7. She is never late to class, is she ?
  8. Fahmi sat in front of maya yesterday, didn’t she ?
  9. You had good time last week, didn’t you ?
  10. These keys don’t belong to you, does they ?



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