Cellular Operator

15 06 2013

The best one for GSM phonecell


Why I choose XL as the best provider for my GSM phone ? because XL package offers a varied and very suitable for my financial situation 😀

When my circumstances so require me to call, the XL also provides a package that we freely. There is a quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily even exists.

When my circumstances so require me to browse on the phone, then XL again my understanding by providing a very affordable package.

Since I was a seller of pulses, then I was always faithful to the SMS package per quarter. Every 3 months the package will be extended automatically, because I subscribe to the package so every time I get an extension package discount of 10%.

I love XL

The best one for CDMA phonecell


Initially I used Smartfren as CDMA operators to be used in mobile phone my BlackBerry. I am very satisfied with the package offered smartfren for package needs my BlackBerry.

Smartfren packages offer a varied and very affordable as BIS Fabulous, BIS Save, BIS Simple, BIS Social, BIS Mail, BIS socialite and BIS BBM. We can choose a package to suit levels of our needs.

Because I love browsing and often require check email so I chose BIS package Simple. With package is my bias get the facility BBM, Email, Chat, Social Networking, and Browsing.

Smartfren also offer period for packet internet ranging from daily to monthly. I love smartfren.

The best one for internet modem

Logo Axis

Why I chose Axis as the operator for my internet modem ? before I chose Axis, first I asked here and there on my friends because I was confused to find a provider for my internet modem and does not slow affordable package. They also recommended me to use the Axis.

After getting recommendations for using Axis, I was trying to buy a sim card AxisPro Unlimited. After using it I am very pleased, because the bias play internet quickly and without a long process.

After using Axis for my internet modem, I had no meu turn to another operator. I love Axis.




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