Quoted Speech and Reported Speech

29 05 2013

A. Change the question beginning with “he/she aksed me..”

1.      What time is it ?
2.      Did you finish your assignment ?
3.      Have you seen my sister ?
4.      Is what you said really true ?
5.      Who do you think will win the champions league ?

B.     Change the following quoted sentences into reported ones
6.      Vera said, “You should come to the seminar.”
7.      “ Is what I’ve heard true ?”,  said shinta
8.      Bayu said, “Come to my birthday party.”
9.      Hilda said, “I need to eat now.”
10.  “ Can you meet me,”  Irfan said, “after  class ?”
The Answer :
1.         He asked me, what time is it was
2.         She asked me, if I finished assignment
3.         He asked me, if I had seen his sister
4.         She asked me, if what I had said was really true
5.         He asked me, who did I think would win the champions league
6.         Vera said that I should come to the seminar
7.         Shinta told me if what she had hear was true
8.         Bayu said that I had came to his birthday party
9.         Hilda said she had need to eat
10.       Irfan said if I could meet him after class



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